Rap Music : An Effective Problem Solving Method, And Necessary For Individual Protection

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Another explanation for violent lyrics in popular in rap music, such as Shakur’’s, is the invasion of white capitalists within these artists’ spaces, who now more presently own and direct a majority of their recording labels. Blackness therefore becomes a commodity, in which romanticizes and falsifies hip hop culture as a community of pure anger and aggression. Those who fantasize about making it in the industry are pressured to convey a troubled past in the streets within their music, subsequently belittling those experiences through cultural appropriation. Once rap music’s purpose is related this way, depictions of its artists become more stereotypically enhanced and exaggerated. Hyper-masculinity intensifies and aggression is considered an effective problem solving method, and “necessary for individual protection” (Rebollo-Gil & Moras, 2012, pg. 124). There is a need for hip hop culture to reclaim its existence away from the hands of greedy white patriarchy, as it “is subject to the same institutionalized racist forces as our board rooms, schools, and public offices” (Rebollo-Gil & Moras, 2012, pg. 125). This resistance towards “whitening” hip hop music may prove to be difficult, especially when many of these artists who grew up on food stamps and suffered food insecurities, are now making millions because of the marketing consumption and production of whites. Artists become employees and slaves to these white powerhouses because “power is an outgrowth and benefit of

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