Rape As A Weapon Of War

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Being a part of a global community comes with many responsibilities and duties. People of the global community have to be aware of the dangers that are present in the lives of many people all over the globe. Human Rights issues are quite serious and violations of these rights should not be taken lightly. In exploration of a global human rights issue, the discovery of rape as a tool in war was a gross violation of human rights as well as overwhelmingly a gender issue. Rape used as a tool of war has devastated and destroyed people, communities, families, and traditions. When discussing rape as weapon of war, there are two main modern day conflicts that can not be overlooked. Rape as a weapon of war is brought into light by the wars of Congo and Bosnia. These two conflicts brought the eyes of the world onto the global issue of rape in war and more specifically how it is used as a tool of ethnocide and genocide. The recent conflict in the Congo has been rooted in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and related violence in Burundi which saw hundreds of thousands of Hutus flee both countries into eastern Zaïre. (First and Second) In the Rwandan genocide, Hutu-power groups (called the Interahamwe and the Impuzamugambi) led mass killings of Tutsis and pro-peace Hutus, murdering 800,000 people in approximately 100 days. (Congo) In response, the Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front, or RPF, overthrew the Rwandan Hutu government.
During and after the genocide, an estimated 2 million refugees,
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