Rape Essay

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Lolita Walker
Intro to Women’s Studies
Dr. David Magill
March 11th 2013
The Misconceptions and Realities of Rape Why do people rape and what do rapists earn from committing this crime? Is it the pleasure of seeing someone in fear, or pain, or is it the pleasure of their screams? I will never know the answer to these questions. All I know is that rape is beyond immoral and depraved, and is a serious crime. Rape is a very strong word and often makes people feel really uncomfortable talking about it, especially when it comes to one’s own experiences. For victims and sometimes even non-victims it makes this world a cold and cruel place in which to live. There are many myths and misconceptions that surround the aspects of rape. Some of these …show more content…

Perpetrators not only come from different sexual backgrounds and genders, but often times they are well known to the victim. It may be easy to believe that people who are raped are victimized during the night in some dark alley by a total stranger. In reality, the majority of sexual assaults and/or rape are committed by someone the victim knows, and

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