Rape Of Rape And Rape

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No one ever wants to hear that their child, sibling, or their friend has been raped, but rape is a major problem in America. Sadly, sexual intercourse is not always consensual between both parties involved. There are many myths surrounding rape and the cause but there have been strides in rape prevention. There are three broad types of rape acquaintance rape, stranger rape, and marital rape (Fay 223). Acquaintance rape is defined as rape perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Hanh, Lucas, and Payne says “Rape involves both completed and attempted forced sexual intercourse, using both psychological coercion and physical force. This includes ‘Vaginal, anal or oral penetration by the offender(s)’ including penetration by a foreign object.”(393). Based on this definition, rape victims or perpetrators can be either male or female, married or single, child or adult, and be of any race. Fay estimates “3-15 percent of all adult women have experienced a completed rape”(223), and according to law enforcement “40 percent of reported rapes involve females under the age of 18, and 15 percent of reported rapes involve females under the age of 12” (Fay 223). Rape can happen anywhere, at home, while out partying, on campus, in prison, or anywhere a person might go. Unfortunately, “Acquaintance rape and sexual coercion, long a problem on college campuses, now frequently involve high school and middle school students… and occurring in recreational settings and even on

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