Rasputin : The Mad Monk Of Russia

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Shandee Ballard Ryan Snelgrove English 12 14 September 2017 The Mad Monk of Russia The czarina, or queen of Russia was so very saddened as she watched her son cry out in agonizing pain. He had fallen or gotten a bruise that had caused major internal bleeding because of his condition of Hemophilia. He would ask his mother, “When I am dead, it will not hurt anymore, will it?” A man then walked in and brought with him a calming presence. He touched the poor boy’s forehead and his cries subsided. The czarina was astonished and only could think of one way he could have done this miracle: her prayers had been answered and he had been sent to her by God (Frost). This man’s name was Rasputin. Rasputin became a trusted advisor of the czarina because of who he was and he received more and more power because of this connection to the crown of Russia. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born around 1872 in the village of Pokrovskoe in Siberia, Russia (Frost). He was born into a peasant family seemingly destined for an ordinary life. He married a local woman Praskovya Dubrovina and worked on his farm (Harris). Rasputin began to have an interest in religion and stayed at a monastery for many months and changed. He came out as a “restless, agitated, depressed, and ecstatic” person and he started to travel many pilgrimages on foot that spanned all over Europe and Asia. He was very dedicated to his religious career. He became a holy man that many differents Russians would come to to seek

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