The Hebrew Bible : The Nine Commandments By David Noel Freedman

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In the article, “The Nine Commandments,” David Noel Freedman unveils a connection between the ten commandments and the first nine books of the Bible. If Judges and Ruth are considered one book, and 1st and 2nd Samuel and Kings are each held as one book like they would have been in the Hebrew Bible, then there are nine books that make up the Primary History. Freedman discusses how each one of these books lends itself to one of the ten commandments and how Israel broke it. After the ten were all broken, then Israel and Judah are carted away into exile. Freedman’s order of the commandments is apostasy, idolatry, blasphemy, Sabbath observance, parental respect, murder, adultery, stealing, false testimony, and coveting. The first two commandments are broken in the book of Exodus, thus covering for Genesis and Exodus. After Moses receives the ten commandments, Israel builds a golden calf which they worship as their gods. Israel has made an idol as well as claiming to have many gods. The third commandments, blasphemy is broken in Leviticus. In chapter 24, an unnamed Levite curses God’s name and commits blasphemy. He is put to death as a result. Nevertheless, the commandment has been broken. Numbers entails the breaking of commandment number four, Sabbath observance. A man is caught gathering sticks on the Sabbath. He is put to death as God had commanded. Parental respect is a broken in Deuteronomy. A son is described as to have disobeyed his parents. His parents went to the elders

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