Rational Expectations is an Aspect of Domestic Policy

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Aspect of domestic policy
Application of differences in viewpoints analytical captured in figure 2.1 for theories as much as the internal politics of those international relations . ( 86 ) Thus, in their analysis of domestic politics , and national security studies Orthodox tend to stick to the same physical and rational perspective that distinguishes realism at the international level . This work has taken two main forms : Checking individual decision-makers , it was observed more often in times of crisis , and bureaucratic organizations to participate in the process of policy formulation and implementation . State theory implicit in the former state model is rational , as he and the actor, and the theory of politics implicit in the latter is the plurality of bureaucratic red tape or bureaucracy.
Critics have questioned the deterrence of these theories implied by invoking in a variety of ways the ideological content of the environment , thus moving to the right along the x-axis . (87) and cognitive biases and motivational weakening of rationality that have attracted attention are , in this view , rooted not only in the orientation process information from individuals, but also in operations symbols and understandings , and worldviews shared by decision-makers and spread all over the community . (88)
To the extent that they focus on the effects of collective understandings ( as reflected , for example , in ideologies and policy models ) instead of variables at the individual

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