Ravenfire's Monologue

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“Oh well, better learn my perks before going anywhere else.” Ravenfire shrugged and began to traverse the vertical surface, she memorizes the pattern Serlene took and once she arrived at her window, she repeats what Serlene had done using a combination of memory mimicry and instinct. Thankfully, her mind felt the form of her body starting to dissipate, first it was her fingers by the crevice, then it extends to her hands. She slipped her already slippery limbs into her apartment as her entire body soon follow up. However, the new goo dragoness wasn’t as skill or finesse as Serlene as her tail slipped down, swung past the window of an apartment below, accidentally knocking off a plant pot. She cringed at her clumsiness, when the occupant of
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