Rawls And Utilitarianism: The Uber Case

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I think several theories can be applied to this. I have mention Rawls and and Utilitarianism that might be result in different conclusions We could use Rawls theory which has two principles. First is for individual’s negative rights to be preserved. Second is for individuals to have equal opportunity for jobs, and to provide help to the least advantaged. In the Uber case, we could argue that individuals negative rights are not preserved, as the customers are not given all the necessary information about their service provider. On the other hand, in accordance to the second principle, Uber is providing equal opportunity for employment, not strictly emphasising employees criminal records. Uber is also helping the least disadvantages (which would be those who have criminal records) by providing them jobs. However, in the end, since principle one overrides principle two, Uber's background policy would need to be changed. Customers should have the negative rights to information about the services they are choosing. For Tech fix we could say, that Uber could hire based on the severity of the criminal record, treat unequal unequally, based on the Justice theory.…show more content…
Utilitarianism focuses on consequences that bring greatest benefits and least harms. In the Uber case we could argue that the action of Uber having a loose background check process/system, allows for more job opportunities and provides relatively beneficial and effective services to individuals. Those benefits would override the harms of the few cases where uber drivers did not act in ethical manner. Based on this, we could state that Uber background checking system does not need to be modified, as the benefits are greater than
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