Ray Bradbury Age Of Anxiety Analysis

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Ray Bradbury and the Age of Anxiety Ray Bradbury’s masterpiece Fahrenheit 451 is read by high school students across the United States. Nearly all of his works were science fiction and fantasy. He addressed many important issues of his time in his works and has been interviewed time and time and time again. Ray Bradbury accomplished his childhood dream of “living forever” in his writing while becoming famous for writing Fahrenheit 451 and addressing major issues of the age of anxiety. Ray Bradbury took his first breath on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois (“Ray Bradbury”). His father was a blue collar worker, and his mother was a Swedish immigrant. His childhood was peaceful and comfortable. He liked magicians and enjoyed their shows. Reading fantasy and adventure novels also mesmerized him. Sadly, the Great Depression began when he was nine and continued for ten years. As a preteen, he decided that he would become a writer with hopes to “live forever” through his fiction. In high school, he was a member of the drama club. After graduation, he could not attend college because of hefty tuition prices. Even so,“Ray Bradbury remained a student for life” by frequenting the library multiple times a week. He did this for an entire decade (“Ray Bradbury”). Bradbury was also patriotic During World War II. The United States Military rejected him from the draft, due to his vision problems. Instead, he decided to write for the American Red Cross and the Los Angles Department of

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