Compare And Contrast The Veldt And The Fog Horn

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Essay #1 In the short stories by Ray Bradbury, “The Veldt” and “The Fog Horn” plot, theme and characterization intertwine. The personas of each character help drive the plot and theme within each story. This is important because the characters are the personality of the story and are needed to propel the plot, along with keeping the reader engaged especially, with the suspense their dialogue provides. Within “The Fog Horn” the author uses the major character McDunn to tell the story. By doing this the author has merged characterization and plot. Allowing McDunn to provide perspective into why the sea monster travels to the lighthouse, the author is projecting the character’s personality on to the monster because, there is no way for …show more content…

I feel like I don 't belong here. The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? I cannot....". In contrast the children of the home have grown an unhealthy love and dependence on the home to do all of the work for them. This dependence has done exactly what the mother has feared and taken the role of mother within the mind of the children. When this dependence is threatened by the mother and father threatening to shut down the house or by punishing the children by taking away certain components of the house, this story 's theme reamerges. It emerges through the resentment that the children developed for their actual parents, because they are now only associated with the pain and anger of losing their beloved “smart house”. The Theme of dissatisfaction within this story fuels the personas of each character. Because the parents are dissatisfied with the life they are living the characters behavior throughout the story is that of concerned parents who wish to remove the nursery from the childrens lives. This continuing dissatisfaction with the nursery and its effect on the children 's behavior pushes the reactions and choices of the characters pulling the reader further into the story. The concerned reaction of the parents leads to author to write statements

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