Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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Someone famous once stated, “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind”. In our present society, to find a place in which our minds are not being constantly suffocated with what the world wants us to perceive is becoming a strenuous task. From the grocery store to the rooms of our very own homes nothing seems to be of our own conscience anymore. Yet we are able to turn a blind eye to this fact. Why’s that? Just take a few seconds to think to yourself, “ How long [has] it [been]since you were really bothered? [Bothered ]about something important, about something real?”(pg)

Ray Bradbury 's book Fahrenheit 451 although written in 1953, was ahead of its time predicting technological marvels and our potential to indulge and be addicted to electronic media. The novel presents a twilight zone of what society could be like if books and the written word were no longer desired and the main purpose of life becomes the hunt for personal happiness. So, has our society already evolved into these habits? I cannot help but say Bradbury 's description is comparable to the world we live now. It is easily said that to an extent, our world is being encased by the controlling hand of the government and swallowed into the reality unveiled to us by entertainment . The world is drawing closer to a society of anti intellectual, ignorant humans. A society in which opinions and the thought to question cease to exist. It is important to adhere to the warning presented to us through the

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