Raymond Loewy 's Influence On The Modern World Essay

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Raymond Loewy was born in France, in the city of Paris in 1893. This however wasn’t Loewy’s place of work, as Loewy made his way in industry in America. It was here Loewy was going to become one of the most influential designers of his time in the world, and it would be there where Loewy would create a brand which would become known around the western world. From Coke bottles to trains, to space stations Loewy has been involved in a wide range of industrial design and could be argued to be the most famous and influential industrial product designer to date.
At the age of Fifteen Loewy designed a model aircraft which he then built and flew; this won him the 1908 James Gordon Bennett cup, which led to the model Ayrel being patented. Raymond Loewy then worked as a Fashion illustrator for a short time before becoming an industrial designer. Lowey had a set of principles which he made himself and lived by these principles, they were known as the MAYA principles. The concept behind this principle is a product is the ‘Most Advanced Yet Acceptable’ which essentially indicates that a product is the best it can be without being overly complicated to the point where no one wants to buy it. Raymond Loewy also was very informed on the market and knew that people are not as accepting to a product if it is a completely different looking product which is more ideal to use and he believed himself that “The adult public taste is not necessarily ready to accept the logical solutions to their

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