Reaction Paper On Bottled Water

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As a human race, especially us who live in developed countries who have little to care about in our day to day lives, water is not something we often think about. We use it every day, it is essential to our lives, yet we never really have much reason to think about it. Tapped, a documentary about water and where we get ours from is certain to open many eyes and minds to what happens before the purchase or use of the water we handle each and every day. The documentary varied in the appeals it used, making it so it was easy to affect viewers, leaving a them thinking more about the water they come in contact with on a daily basis.
The part that stood out to me the most, was that bottled water is typically the same as tap water, just put into plastic bottles. When buying bottled water, most assume it’s superior to the water flowing from the taps at home. When really, a lot of the time, they come from the same source. The documentary stated that 40% of bottled water (Tapped) is just filtered tap water. This is something that I did not know prior to this documentary. I was buying into the marketing that bottled water companies put out there. So, why are we paying more for bottled water? There are certainly other routes to be taken, we could filter our own tap water and use a reusable bottle. This would not only save our own money, but help our health and the health of the planet.
A lot of pathos was used, and when integrated with logos, it not only leaves the audience thinking,

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