My Oppression Essay

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Oppression is intersectional, and my various identities all contribute to my experience with diverse forms of oppression. I took this course to help broaden my understanding of my privilege and the affect it has on how I interact with different forms of oppression. I wanted to become aware of my privileges that were invisible to me, and change the discriminatory behavior that I may be engaging in unknowingly. This Gender, Power, and Privilege class brought to my attention the harmful ideas I’ve been socialized to believe regarding classism and weightism, and given me the tools to continually acknowledge and challenge these beliefs.

Before this class, I’d never had a real discussion about classism, and as I read about the subject it became clear as to why. As Mantsios states, “People in the United States don’t like to talk about class…Workers are more likely to identify with their employer, industry, or occupational group than with other workers, or with the working class” (150). Class has become a taboo subject in this country, and people have become unwilling to admit that they are working or lower middle class. I had no idea that this phenomenon was so wide spread, I just thought that my parents were weird about money. Now, my family doesn’t struggle to pay the bills or put food on the table, but we aren’t cruising through life either, despite that I’ve never heard my parents talk about our class standing. If I were to make an educated estimate
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