Do We Control The Media Control Us?

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Akossiwa Togbe
Dr. Laura Long
English 111
27 August 2014
Do we Control the Media or Does the Media Control Us? Imagine how surveys came into play. Imagine a group of people wanting to know what another group of people think, feel, want and desire. A survey came to be a way to meet the needs of others at a much more efficient way. Imagine mass media as a way to meet the needs and desires of the mass. It is a survey taken every time the remote is used. Whatever catches the attention of the mass is what the media produces quantities of and whatever the mass rejects is cut off, like a useless arm. The media misrepresents class in America with its glittering view of what class in America truly resembles. From movies to political figures, class is misrepresented through propaganda and the use of pathos, ethos and logos to appeal to the mass. Superficial sacrifices and obsessive desires of the wealthy to remain in power is a recurring theme in the media.
Before the media came into play, class has been represented in varies ways in the United States, but to this day the class system is superficially the same. It remains: upper class, middle class/working class, and lower class. In the United Sates the media depicts class as such: if you are wealthy then you are well clothed, well behaved and well educated. If you are middle class/working class then you are humble, hard working, and mannered. If you are lower class than you are represented as either dysfunctional, or drop out. You

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