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Reader-Response on Soldier's Home The initial reaction I received from reading Soldier's Home, and my feelings about Soldier's Home now are not the same. Initially, I thought Harold Krebs is this soldier who fought for two years, returns home, and is disconnected from society because he is in a childlike state of mind, while everyone else has grown up. I felt that Krebs lost his immature years, late teens to early 20's, because he went from college to the military. I still see him as disconnected from society, because there isn't anyone or anything that can connect him to the simple life that his once before close friends and family are living. He has been through a traumatic experience for the past two years, and he does not …show more content…

What if the town where you spent two years, was poor and that you learned to take part in the daily operations of life in order for everyone in the family to be able to survive, eat, learn, and live healthy. Now two years later, you return back to your hometown where things come easy, people waste, and people are not as appreciative of the same things that you are. You dress differently, you eat different foods, and you have a different outlook on life as a whole. How would you feel if all your childhood friends and close family treated you like you were eccentric? One reader felt that "Krebs seems to have changed a lot and doesn't really seem to care about too much". ("Reader", response 14). Krebs is not quite able to function in society as his friends and family expect. Is this his fault, the fault of society, or is it a fault at all? Several different readers pointed out that Krebs is having difficulty because he no longer shares a common interest with the people in his hometown. Response 12 in "Reader Responses to Soldier's Home" suggest that Krebs is struggling "to fit in after coming back from war" and response 14 in "Reader Responses to Soldier's Home" points out that Krebs "seems to feel an outcast". What I see is Krebs has just spent two years of his life in battle, something he never imagined he would be involved in, something that most people could never imagine. Upon his arrival to his hometown,

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