Reading And Reading : The Importance Of Reading

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From a young age we are taught reading is something of grave importance. In kindergarten through second grade I wasn’t afraid of big green monsters, adorned in claws and spiky things. What I feared most was located upon pages and flashcards. The big terrible words written in black. Those horrible words I had to sound out and how tiring it was to utilize that pointer finger that kept me from unabating confusion of what comes next. The only thing worse than reading in itself was reading aloud. Prior to entering the long journey that grade school is I had already held a passion for books. My Grandfather someone who I idolized in every notion conceivable would visit me weekly. Along with his presence which was a gift in itself for me he would have a book. A new one. Each and every week. My book shelf continually grew and grew until eventually I had three shelves full before he passed away. I knew I loved books and had a deep rooted appreciation for all literature, whether it good or “bad”. The stories that made me say “Read it again Papa.” or the “That wasn’t a cool one.”, I loved it all. Geared up and full of excitement, I couldn’t have been more ready to embrace my new independence. Ready to learn how to read and fly solo through the pages that acquainted me with various princesses and foolish animals. Although much to my dissatisfaction reading didn’t strike the uprising of a new enriching and independent experience I was desperately hoping for. Instead my viewpoint
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