Reading And Writing : My Future Of Writing And Reading

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This year, I have faced a lot of challenges with writing and reading that I never really thought could happen.The readings and writing that I have done from this assignment are similar to the readings and writings I have done in the past. In the past my teachers always made sure that I ,as an student, understood how to go more in depth with my writing and how to consider the reader as I was writing. They also taught me how to analyze and how to explain and support the realization I made. The difference between the writings and reading I have done now and the ones I have did in the past is that I was taught how to think rhetorically and how I could use different rhetorical devices by writing. You have to really consider the individual , your audience and cultural things too.I have definitely improved on the width of my paragraphs and how to use a hook to get the reader's attention.Some set goals that I have set for myself and my future of writing is improving on my ability to compose in multiple environments, my knowledge of convention and my metacognition. I would like to improve on my ability to compose in multiple environments because I kind of favor writing with pen and paper more than I do of typing my work up. I would like to get comfortable with typing so that if it's mandatory to type I would be able to do it effectively. I would like to improve on my knowledge of convention because I would like to spot out most of my errors and correct them in the process of my
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