Reading And Writing Of Reading

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An average person 's whole life has revolved around skills that come from learning about reading and writing. Such skills as reading road signs, writing your information down on job applications, and being able to read regulations and laws are all possible due to learning how to read and write. These skills are critical to learn at a young age because it helps students with academics, affects how quickly the everyday person can read or write in the future, and impacts the jobs citizens can get after graduating. Reading and writing has impacted me in a numerous amount of ways, both positively and negatively. Looking back on my life, the lack of reading and writing I did as a child has greatly impacted my abilities today to get involved and comprehend the reading that I participate in.
Certain individuals enjoy reading and use it as a getaway from everyday life; unfortunately, beginning at an early age, I had to read at a lower level than everyone else. I grew to despise reading and writing. Starting in grade school, when we were first taught to read, I had to be put in special classes to try and improve my reading and writing skills. Due to my lack of reading skills, it quickly separated me from the rest of my class which, consequently, made me dislike the English subject. The dislike for reading was because I had to work so much harder than anyone else to understand and complete my assignments. This was not the only instance of when I felt that I was not up to par with the…
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