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At this point in my life I find myself in an interesting predicament regarding my attitudes toward reading and writing; more so towards reading. Years ago I used to love reading books for pleasure but nowadays I find myself reading things that little to no effort to digest. This includes the very basic posts on facebook expressing one’s opinion on something or articles and threads on reddit discussing topics I find intriguing. Perhaps it’s the severe senioritis that has overcome me as I enter my last semester at Chapman University. As I’ve gotten lazier I can see it start to reflect in my everyday life. Deep down I still love to read but I rarely find myself getting truly invested into the action unless it relates to something I am very …show more content…

You can feed the mind as much as you want and it will never get full of reading. Sadly, I’m not the same person that I was. I guess you could say it’s part of growing up. It never really was intentional but it’s just the way how it ended up. On the other hand my attitudes toward writing are very different. First let me say that deep down I truly do not like to write. I myself don’t personally like to write for leisure or pleasure but rather I write because I believe it is one of the most important aspects of being able to communicate with those around you, both personally and professionally. To put differently, my attitude towards writing is that I write because I need to write and survive in the world around me. I write because I have to, not because I want to. Hopefully this somewhat makes sense. To better explain let me make a comparison. When I am assigned a writing assignment or I am writing because the action is being forced upon me I find myself not enjoying the process and overall the end result is subpar. The perfect example of this would be my junior year in high school when I was enrolled in AP english literature. I dreaded the majority of the class simply because there was so much writing involved in the entire course and therefore I was constantly writing just to get a grade. Being forced to write in such high volume every week for an entire school year was not enjoyable for myself and as a result the

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