Reading Change Through Time Essay

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In the recent articles it has been explained that people’s reading habits have changed into a less analytical to an unsystematic type of way of reading or understanding of material. Many experts concluded that our process of reading has change due to the increase of technology and its advancements on an individual’s mind. Many people have shown how our process in reading and interpreting changed through time because of technology advancement, and less influence on reading actual books. Through technology people find means of communicating to people, reading upon things, and instead of gaining a sense of humanistic behavior and understanding we tend to desensitize ourselves by talking via e-mail, text, or a social media messaging of some sort. We lesser ourselves in intellect because of how we interpret things by subjecting ourselves to the easiest way possible to get out of things. Experts say that because technology is advancing so rapidly that we lose our sense of focus for reading…show more content…
Our brains are able to compute information and grow our thought process by the gathering of essentials material, simply learning about something that we don’t know about or learning more about something that we do know about. James Old said that the adult mind “is very plastic,’’ (So What? Pg. 265) in the brain nerve cells are continuously dying and are producing connections for neurons. The reproduction of nerve cells helps us learn and process new material which we use in life. Maryanne Wolf of Tufts University and a developmental psychologist, commented that “We are not only what we read,’’ also “We are how we read,’’ suggesting that we are characterized by what we read and how we obtain and use the information. Being an analytical and systematic reader can help provide us with a greater understanding on how things work and produce certain
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