Reading Establish A Moral Compass

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Out of all the reasons to read, I believe one of the most important reason, is that reading develops a moral compass. With many books or selections to read, it gives us many opportunities to put ourselves in other character's or people’s shoes, and learn from their mistakes; ultimately helping a person's ability to judge and make distinctions between what is right, and what is wrong. Reading gives us perspective. Morality influence through books can set standards, and can discipline core values and can help shape people into who they are. While reading helps a reader develop a moral compass, this can also be in relation to making a reader smarter. While this can go hand in hand with the idea that reading develops a moral compass, I believe this is a broader reason to read, and is able to allow you to learn more than just a distinction between right and wrong. Whether…show more content…
Tying in with the other reasons, reading can give us knowledge and ideas that can help equip us against unjust treatment. Reading us has allowed us to learn about previous experiences throughout history, and can help us prevent them from happening again. For example, with the Black Lives Movement, we have been able to be educated about the start of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, and it has allowed us to us this now, and is moving forward with the movement to make progress. Reading allows us to read from our mistakes, and possibly prevent certain oppressions we may face by being able to gain knowledge on previous experiences. Overall, the knowledge we gain from reading is powerful, and the opportunities that reading gives us is endless. We can gain experiences and perspective through reading, that can be beneficial in many ways. Whether we learn from our mistakes, or are learning new things, reading allows us to do many things, and can be used to our advantage in ways like making smart
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