Reading Fiction Is A Common Pastime That Is Enjoyed By People All Over The World

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Amanda Jensen
Miss Roth
English 9-2
24 March 2017
Fantastic Fiction Reading fiction is a very common pastime that is enjoyed by people all over the world. However, it is unbeknownst to many of these avid readers that reading impacts them in many important ways, aside from simply providing an escape from the real world every now and then. The experience of fictional narratives may provide people with a distraction from daily life and possibly initiate intellectual inspiration (Bal N.P.). Reading fiction can impact one’s daily life by making them more empathetic, changing their personality, and improving brain function. When a person reads fiction, it may influence their life by causing them to be more empathetic. When
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From this evidence, one could conclude that reading fiction does have a profound impact on the empathy of the reader. Reading fiction can affect people in many powerful ways and can even change their personality. When one immerses themself in a story, they may begin to behave as if they are that character. In “How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way”, they said “The style, expressions, and invitations to involve the reader all help put the readers through an emotional roller coaster similar to what they might experience if they were the protagonist.” (How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way N.P.) Humans are emotional beings that tend to act as if they are certain characters as they connect with them. When an individual becomes involved in the story, it opens up their imagination, causing them to take on the emotions of the protagonist. Learning about the inner state of others by reading fiction may prompt us to delve deep and explore ourselves and our personalities and gain insight or even instigation to change the parts of ourselves we do not like (How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way N.P.). When people read fiction, they are able to get inside their own heads as they envision themselves as the main character. In addition to this, when people begin to put themselves in the characters shoes, they may be able to see what traits they have in common
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