Reading Ourselves

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Reading Ourselves and the World Around Us

1. I think that Manguel believes that meanings come from people. At the beginning of the reading, Manguel describes how he learned to read. He went into great detail of how the boy from the book, was used to recognize the word boy. This is an example of how he used his personal meanings and interpretations to learn to recognize and read words.

2. Yes, I agree with Manguel because there are many different ways to read something. I believe that reading is when you analyze something, then make your own interpretation of what you see in front of you. I think that he was correct by the approach that he used to define reading. There are many ways to read, but interpreting words is just the most common form of reading.

3. I think Manguel learned to read by using visual cues. He used shapes, black lines, and white spaces to help jog his memory of words that he had previously saw. He would allow these images to help form an interpretation of the words in front of him, which he defines as reading.

1. The most important moment in the rise of Manguel’s literacy was when he read the billboard sign. This was a very important moment because he was no longer recognizing and recalling images that he had seen before, but he was applying previous knowledge to a new situation. He used the prior …show more content…

There are many different forms of reading that are involved with being a radiology tech. First, I must be able to read my patient’s body language. It is very important to know how to read body language because I may actually harm my patient if I misread their body language. I would also have to read the X-ray results. Misinterpreting the lab results could lead to misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or could make the initial problem worse. Therefore, reading is an essential aspect of my future career as a radiology technician, but I must make sure that I am accurate to avoid future issues with the

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