Reading Philosophy

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Reading Philosophy

In order for a child to excel in school they need to be well versed in reading therefore; I believe that it is vital for all children to learn to read. Not only should reading be a fun and enjoyable experience but something that influences the child to succeed in all subject areas. Reading is an integral part of life that needs to be mastered. A child can master the basics of reading in the early years and should be learned at that time due to the aggravation and frustration of learning those skills later on, as he/she gets older. Although there are many children and adults alike that hate to read it is our job to spark an interest in these children so they will find reading enjoyable. All of the aspects of …show more content…

Also, phonics instruction is essential when a child is learning to read for the very first time. Again, research shows us that in order for our children to read and benefit from phonics the child must have phonemic awareness. Fluency is another factor that comes into play because when students struggle to read they have trouble comprehending the text. Fluency is accomplished only when a child practices constantly so he/she can become proficient

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