Reading Reflection

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In Cantonese, the concept of reading is synonymous with learning. So much so that without any context, the phrase “duk syu” can take on either definition: my parents could use the phrase to ask about what “books I am studying”, and at the same time, my aunt could use the same two words to talk about “attending university”. As a young child when asked by my grandmother how I was doing in school, the phrase “duk syu” would immediately bring in the mental image of reading a book although I knew she was asking about school in general -- reading and learning have always just been that intertwined in my subconscious. But more than just learning -- reading has without a doubt facilitated the plain acquisition of knowledge -- reading has also promoted a deeper kind of learning: my growth as a person. English was not my first language, so the first thing that reading has overseen in me was both literal and metaphorical learning. My mom likes to remind me that being read-to encompassed my first encounters with English. From hearing about Little Critter at home to frequently attending both Round Rock Public Library’s and Kaleidoscope Kids’ storytimes, my small brain began to process the foreign language. With this exposure also came subconscious nurturing, with tellings from Aesop’s Fables and The Beginner’s Bible being the recurring bedtime stories. As I started school and began to consciously understand English, reading became an activity and tool to keep my mind up and running
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