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Reading Response paper one
550: Three Miles

Introduction For our first Reading Response paper we listened to a podcast by Chana Joffe-Wait called the “550: Three Miles”. The podcast was about a low budget high school in the Bronx and another upper class private school up the road and how visiting the upper class high school effected the lives of the students from the lower income school. In my opinion this podcast not only shows the difference between upper and low class schools but also the different cultures between the two schools. When listing to the podcast I related it and though back to when we were talking about our single stories at the beginning of the semester. Making a connection to this in my own life reminds me of how in even the same counties in Georgia one high school could have more funding than another. Hearing their stories, it made me even more thankful for the support system and for the schools I was most fortunate to attended.
My Thoughts on 550: Three Miles The class and culture of the school’s While listing to Melanie talk about how walking around the grounds of the school and how it made her feel unworthy of being able to achieve her dreams really took me by surprise. When they were writing back and forth to the students at Fieldston, I believe that the teachers purpose was to show the students that yes you are worthy and you are just as smart as these other students that do go to this $43,000/year school. The culture of these two schools had

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