Ready To Eat Chapter 4 Analysis

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In chapter four Josh is remembering the interests and dreams that he used to have before he ran away. The only thing he dreams about now is food. Everyday he thinks of how he can get food to keep him and his brother alive. Sometimes they would get food from soup kitchen, but it would not be enough to last them the whole day. Just the thought of begging or stealing kept Josh from asking for food. It took him a while before he went to the trash cans to find food. There were other people and also rats rummaging through the cans for food. Josh found enough food for him and his brother and washed it off in a public restroom. Although the food satisfied Joey, it sickened Josh because of where he got it from. Josh did not like begging for food, he would rather starve than ask or beg. When it came time to get food Joey would tell Josh that he would do all the talking to get people’s sympathy. Joey and Josh knew that people would more likely give to a …show more content…

Josh was thankful and appreciative of the woman’s kindness. They slept for a while, being very tired. The lady helped them start off so they would not be hungry and still sleepy. Josh told the woman about his family in Chicago and why he had to go. The old woman allowed them to write to their parents. Josh immediately refused, but he said if Joey wanted to he could. Joey wanted to write a note, he knew he was not leaving Josh because they had to stick together. Sad, the two left the house in the early afternoon. They really liked the lady who fed them well and kept them warm. When getting back on the road, they began to hitch hike and a old man helped them. He offered to drop them off in New Orleans where he had to drop off a shipment. The man asked them a few questions then began looking straight at the road. The man did not speak until he saw Joey fall off to sleep. Josh and the man had a little conversation about Joey and why the two ran

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