Real Beauty

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Although our society has many flawed ideas on women and body type, as time goes on many are working to fight these negative ideas. Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” is hoping to change these ideas and help ordinary women feel good about themselves (Pozner, 2012, p. 219). To do this, instead of using the normal size 0-2 models, Dove chose normal women who completely defy the vision many have when they hear the word “model”. Many individuals, specifically men, have had an issue seeing “bigger” models taking a stand in the media. Because of this, many believe the stereotype that all men are sexist. Dove utilizes their platform to make a positive influence in today’s media, and also to challenge the men’s point of view. Pozner appeals to the audience through the utilization of pathos to explain the positives of the Dove’s campaign. According to Pozner, the audience should “praise Dove for breaking away from the airbrushed, impossible-to-achieve, youth-obsessed ad imagery” (Pozner, 2012, p. 220). By using strong, yet emotional language, the author is able to emphasize the record breaking advertisements Dove displayed. Not many companies feel the need to put bigger, shorter, or even darker women as their models, but Dove did, so as Pozner (2012) expresses, this act should be praised. …show more content…

Despite that some men have had the courage to step up and say that only the typical model body type belongs on an advertisement, not all men need to be judged as sexist. Saying all men are sexist is stereotypical, and is also kind of sexist to assume. Although there are some “men… in the media [that] still think it’s acceptable to demand that women be displayed only in the hyper-objectifying images they feel is somehow their due” (Pozner, 2012, p. 221), advertisers such as Dove are helping to change these men’s views. More media outlets need to use their platform for

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