How Does The Media Affect Male Body Image?

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Exploratory Analysis: How Does The Media Effect Male Body Image? Today in modern society, we are driven by social forces. Not only do we strive for human approval and companionship, we also thrive on social media. The media plays such a pivotal role in what we buy, eat, wear, etc. that we are conditioning ourselves to fit the mold for the “perfect” or “ideal” body type. This social construct has been a pressing issue for many years regarding the female physique, but not as much has been said on behalf of men. When confronted with appearance based advertisements, men are more likely to experience muscle dissatisfaction, weight disparities, and anger and/or anxiety toward showing their body in public. This paper will address these facets of the media’s effect on male body image as well as presenting what has been done to address this quietly debilitating issue. Everyone has dealt with body image at some point in their life. Personally, I was always the tall, skinny kid. I could not gain weight no matter how hard I tried. I never had a negative mindset about my body image, but I did want to alter it in order to look like the models on the Abercrombie & Fitch bags or the guys in the gym commercials. Other than personal reasons, this topic interests me because of the attention that females have received about changing body image stereotypes. This effects men as well, but it is not as prominent an issue. A Meta-Analyses of the Effects of Media Images on Men’s Body-Image

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