Real-Life Events In William Wordsworth's Lucy Gray

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This essay will explore the poem “Lucy Gray” written by William Wordsworth, and not only how he presents the story of real-life events in the form of a poem, but as well how I feel the poem has been so well-loved by readers over the last two centuries.

William Wordsworth presents the true and heartbreaking story of Lucy Gray in the form of a ballad. Taking us back to the tragic passing of a young girl who was on her way from her family home to town as her father asked her to find her mother and walk back with her before the storm picks more than it already had. As Lucy leaves for town and the snowstorm picks up faster than she has anticipated, she loses her way. She searches for a way home but cannot find one: …show more content…

Even though the young child is gone, there is still belief that Lucy is alive and sings her solitary song in the valley: “—Yet some maintain that to this day;/She is a living child;/ That you may see sweet Lucy Gray:” (57-59) “— And sings a solitary song;/ That whistles in the wind” (63-64). In this poem, William does not stress about the death of Lucy but after her death that she becomes one with nature. This poem being a narrative balled is important to Wordsworth and how he presents this story as a poem because William himself is a poet of nature, and makes it very apparent in the way that he presents this ballad as he tries to connect the action of death to nature.

Why I feel that the poem is so well-loved by readers for over two centuries is because it is a poem that can be connected to easily by readers, the story of Lucy Gray is a heart-rending one. Many people can feel empathy for the parents because William had the narrator be a stranger which allows the reader to witness the misfortune event without getting too mixed up in the parent's grief. Another way in which I feel that readers connect so well to this poem is because the accident is very realistic, and can be realistic in two different ways. First being that accidents like this happened often during this point in time, resulting in a lot of children deaths. Accidents

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