Real Teammates in the Game of Basketball Essay

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Basketball is supposed to be a team sport. A team can constant of ten or twelve players but only five can compete at a team. Five players on the court working together to win. Teammates are supposed to have their teammates back. Fight to the very end for their team to get a win. This is not always true. Players have their own way of doing things. They think a team should be like this or that, but they are players who do the right things for the team. I have experienced this from my team. My teammates cab be categorized based on their performance as the “Jankin’ Jerseys”, the “Limitless LeBrons”, and the “Paparazzi Peters.” The “Jankin’ Jerseys” are a group based on their performance on the team. The “Jankin’ Jerseys” want to be able to …show more content…

The thing about “Limitless LeBrons” is they give everything they have at all times. They show great hustle and work ethics. For example, Devoted Darrell goes and work out without anyone telling him. He loses most of his summer to train and work out with the team to better than the last year. During the season, he stays late after practice to talk to the coach or work on an area he is weak. Not only does a “Limitless LeBron” show great hustle and work ethic, but the desire to win and be great. Most “Limitless LeBrons” go on to play college basketball. This is built up from all their hard work, but more importantly the desire to win. They strive to be great and not settling for average. Most of them give up their personal goals and focus on the team’s goal. For instance, Generous Gerry gave up his shot attempts for a better shot. Generous Gerry is our best player. He could easily average twenty points a game, but rather force shots to get his points he passes the ball off for a better shot. Giving our team a better chance to win. “Limitless LeBrons” are hard to come by, but everybody has at least one on the team. It is rewarding to have one on the team because of their great hustle and work ethic and desire to be great. The worst group on my team is the “Paparazzi Peters” teammates. Everyone will have one. They are the ball hogs. The teammate no one wants on their team because they believe they are the superstar. They could be great

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