Realism Can Be Made For Realistic Actors

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Having learnt all this, applications to realism can be made. One interpretation of the structure of Kabuki plays is to have a change in posture and physical behavior throughout the performance, showing progression in the character through their body, and after the character has endured all the trials of the story, the actor demonstrates the character’s ultimate control over themselves and their surroundings. The postures in Kabuki relate to the postures people utilize to reflect who they are. For realistic actors to exploit this, they must focus on forcing every idle moment of rest add just as much characterization and depth to the character as one of extreme action. Ideally, the actor must give each moment a crucial purpose, and the …show more content…

There is one complication, however, and that is its lack of precise detail, for as Suzuki explains, the method can merely be evoked from the outside, true understanding only comes from experiencing his discipline (Suzuki ix). First an examination of the Theory of Acting he created, which is the heart of the method, specifically the idea of the invisible body. The invisible needs compose the invisible body, “the most important of which are (1) energy production, (2) breath calibration and (3) center of gravity control” (Suzuki Company of Toga). These needs cannot be seen, but are just as essential as our physical needs. Just as the physical body endures training, so must the invisible body, and in unity, since these needs are connected to each other. As the actor trains their physical body, they become increasingly aware of the invisible body. The Suzuki Method is a series of exercises that over time, help the actor gain a higher sense of control over their body. The stronger their control is, the higher variety of movements they can execute, the finer their acting is. Forming the basis of the Suzuki Method is the grammar of the feet. The feet are considered so crucial to the method, that not even the arms and hands are as crucial, since they can only “augment the feeling inherent in the body positions established by the feet” (Suzuki). The feet on the other hand, can even “determine...the strength and nuance of the actor’s voice”

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