Realistic Goals

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Prior to each decision that has to be made, the management team has to set realistic goals. By setting realistic goals we will be able to strategically figure out which direction is most suitable for the direction that we are aiming towards. Realistically as we analyze the world and make comparisons on how businesses functioned 15 years ago to now we would see many differences. By figuring out ways to remove the middleman, that opens doors to create new opportunities. For example, enhancing technology within manufacturers in our various markets. While looking at different companies, their management teams notices that they are valued differently. These changes occur especially within different time periods. The results are mainly due to…show more content…
During this process the supply and demand has to be carefully analyzed. This analyzation incorporates the competition. Within the low-friction economy you have to figure out how to execute your products and services better than everyone else. The demand helps determine the overall price that the items will be sold for. Based on the costs, the producers will use this to determine how much they are willing to supply. This showcases that a relationship does exists. For every action, there is a reaction. Regardless of whether or not there is a positive slope or negative slope, the results give the companies to work from. Therefore, based on the actions that occurs amongst the companies, products and target market correlate with each other and, effect the demand and supply rate. Over time many transactions have changed. For example, as previously mentioned within the tourism industry the supply and demand varied within different sectors of those markets. As a result, many third party companies saw opportunities to expand their companies by providing travel assistance. As the price decreases, the supply for flights will decrease and the demand for flights will increase. These third party companies negotiate deals with the various airlines that will be most beneficial for the parties involved. Of course, there have been different trends that have grown based on vast time periods. The impact is measured based on the supply that
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