Short And Long Term Goals

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Discuss your short and long-term goals. Are some of them related? Which are priorities? Be specific in describing short and long-term goals you may have. Provide examples from any aspect of your life. In addition, if you have already accomplished some short or long-term goals you set for yourself in the past, you can discuss them Living in a place like a refugee camp is hard. I have seen my parents trying to give me a normal and better life like other people have. I have seen them struggling just to give us a normal life. We left the poor conditions in the refugee camp and came to America to have educational opportunities. My parents started working seven to eight hours per day with very low payment and I saw them trying to learn a new language, English. Seeing my parents like that, I told myself that I will attend college and get a degree and give my parents a peaceful life without having them working. After getting a degree, I plan to work and buy a house because my parents always wanted to own their own house. Sometime when we have family time together, my parents always talk about how big the house they want to buy and what kind place that they want the house to be. They would describe a place like they want to be around with relatives and a great neighborhood. I wouldn’t let them have any further hardships as I would be working and taking care of them. Back in my previous country Nepal, I was with one of my cousins at the hospital, where I saw people in line that

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