Reality Based Education Assignment : The Top Three Energy Companies

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Reality-Based Education Assignment Working in the top three energy companies in the United States, is one of the biggest dreams of mine. I decided to do research on Chevron to learn more about the pros and con of the successful corporation. I will first introduce the organization; how the company started. Then move on to the operations that make the company so profitable and the mission statement that tells us their goals. Once there is a solid background and base of the company, I will discuss the management system and the SWOT analysis of the company. After that, the salaries offered, promotions, bonus and benefits. Lastly I will analyze the values of the company and how they apply them or not to real life situations. Chevron originally called the Pacific Coast Oil Company was founded by Demetrius Scofield and Frederick Taylor back in 1879 in California. The logo contained the company’s name over a picture of the Santa Susana Mountains, where the Pico Canyon is located and where the company discovered their first successful oil well. This oil well made California an oil-producing state as well as it launch Chevron as a risk taking and innovative company. After years of being in business the Pacific Coast Oil Company decided to merge with Iowa Standard. By 1909 the company had the ability to drill their own oil and ten years later they had produce more than one-quarter of the state’s total oil. By 1928 the company merged with the Gulf Oil Corporation who offered Bahrain,

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