Reality In Hamlet

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Expectations & Reality
Hamlets starts out as a smart and careful prince who is calm and hopes to prove his suspicions concerning his father’s murder. He is extremely careful that his melancholy may not blind his judgement, leading him to act prematurely and probably be wrong about his rushed decision. Hamlet believes in justice and although annoyed at the fact that he finds Claudius has already declared himself king and taken over the throne, along with Gertrude, he is careful not to immediately act out in anger and end up annoying the self-proclaimed king and end up being punished or worse. In the first scene, we see Hamlet as just a sad lad who is mourning the death of his father, but inside, he is already plotting on how to give the death king justice. At first, Hamlet is adept at keeping his calm and waiting for the moment to exploit so as to get back at Claudius for his part in killing the king. Having a university student at the time of his father’s death, Hamlet at first proves to be contemplative and philosophical, being careful in the decisions that he takes. He prefers to have a calculated plan that ensures that he gets justice for the slain king without bringing harm to anybody, especially Gertrude.
Hamlet challenges himself to the questions that nobody can really give answers to. Even when presented with evidence that his father’s death is likely to have been hatched by Claudius, he does not act until he proves the theory himself. This shows a very careful man

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