Reality TV: The Tearing Down of Society Essay

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In today’s time, television has a broad array of shows. These programs range from children’s cartoons all the way to real-life dramas. Reality television portrays families in their everyday lives and how the typically handle dramatic situations. Although there is some truth in the family’s lifestyles and relationships, reality television creates a false interpretation of the way everyday families should live; moreover, the producers construct staged scenes, unrealistic images, and promote immorality. Almost every day a new show is being advertised to come onto television. A majority of these new shows happen to be a fairly new genre called reality shows. These shows are based on real people’s lives and relationships. The truth of these …show more content…

Since reality TV is staged, it also alludes to unrealistic images of how everyday families should live. Many unrealistic images of families and their situations are fed to viewers as they watch reality shows. The shows that are currently being shows such as Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant give off the image that although it is hard to have a child at that age, it is still a wonderful experience. Many of the viewers of these shows are teenagers and they can give the appearance that it is okay to have a child at such a young age. In reality, having a child at that age is a difficulty. These false personas go against the grain of how normal families should be. Every reality show that is on television displays some amount of falsity. Not every teen mom can have everything that she wants, and not every family has as much drama as what is shown in these programs. The question that should be asked is if these shows are hurting society? The answer to that is yes. Although the programs are entertaining, they falsely advertise to individuals that their life should have the same issues and drama that is created in the shows; consequently, they believe their lives are subpar compared to the ones that are displayed on television. Due to these unrealistic family images, society is straying from morals. The more shows that producers create, the more they promote immorality. Although there are shows such as Duck Dynasty that encourage religion, most of the shows today

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