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Do you think that reality T.V. affects our kids? Many kids watch reality T.V. and they have not had a positive outcome. Once kids get into a situation they tend to react like how they think their favorite star would. Reality T.V. is not good for kids because it encourages bad behavior, lowers kids self-esteem, and makes kids have a lack of focus.
First once kids watch reality T.V. lowers many kids self- esteem. Lots of these reality T.V. shows give the impression that their value is based on their appearance. Which to me it is not and it should not be to anyone. People should judge each other on you are as a person, not on how you look. For example shows like America's Next, Top Model compete to see who is the prettiest one or best fit for a model, to get 100,000 and a big modeling contract. It would feel horrible to get told that you were not pretty enough or not thin enough that is what leads to people having eating them because own skin. addition, to that Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians is one of the many shows that …show more content…

Once teens watch reality T.V. shows they tend to care less about their school work. This can bad because it can take a big toll on their grades. In the show Married to Medicine staring female physicians that many focus on conflicts. Not on their very successful medical jobs. These woman have worked very hard to get their jobs but instead of focusing on that they focus more on conflicts. Lots of teens have shown materialism. Which is bad because they think that having more name brand things is better than their family.
It is obvious that reality T.V. does not have many great effects because it , encourages bad behavior, makes kids have a lack of focus, and lowers their self-esteem. For all of these reasons reality T.V. affects kids in a negative way. There are many positive shows out there like educational shows, historical shows, and even scientific shows. But reality T.V. is not one of

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