`` Really Doesn 't Crime Pay ``

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This can also be seen from a different perspective. In the story “Really Doesn’t Crime Pay” there is an African American woman that is well educated. She has a passion for writing, however, she struggles to secure her husband’s support. She eventually finds someone that she can confide in that supports her as a writer. Although it is not before long that this person steals her work and publishes it as his own. This causes her to fall into a lifelong bout of depression. This story expresses the common theme of a women being discredited or betrayed due to their vulnerability, even when she is doing something great. Across the board women are treated like this. It took many years for women to get the privilege of being educated and even …show more content…

Walker extends this to communicate the value in maintaining accurate historical records for our families. Again in “A Letter to the Editor Ms.” Walker suggests this. “And I looked again at Shirley Chisholm’s Face (which I have never seen before except on television) and was glad that she kept a record of her political and social struggles, because our greatest women die, often in poverty and under the weight of slander, and are soon forgotten.” (ISOMG pg. 274) Walker continually conveys the importance of African American women writers and keeping up with their works. Without these accounts history and truth is being lost. There is so much history that is taught about African Americans in general that is diluted because of the lack of truthful firsthand accounts that are available. Without the ability to get an education, word of mouth and storytelling was the only way that tradition and history could be passed down through the generations. Here the themes of the importance of the role of women is introduced. Their role is important in maintaining this knowledge. We (African American women) can not only know names of those before us, but rather know their story. Walker points out the importance of African American women covering all grounds and knowing ‘her herstory’ to aid future generations. We must spend time doing this, so we let none of our history die with us. Walker acknowledges the significance of different communities

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