Really Smart Homes Summary

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Based on the organization, development, clarity, and concepts in the article “Really Smart Homes” by John Patrick Pullen, this article would receive a 90%. Overall throughout the article “Really Smart Homes” in This Old House magazine, John Patrick Pullen does an outstanding job at having his article organized purposefully so I gave him full credit on the organization aspect of his article. He has pictures arrange in a strategic way to keep the eye interested, has the article sectioned off so readers are able to read the section of want to read about sooner, he keeps all of the paragraphs to the point to help the readers understand and want to read more, and he connects all of the sections main point or parts back to the main thesis of, “There are a lot of choices these days in the way of connected devices designed to save time and money around the house” (Pullen 55). Although Pullen did do a great job at developing his paper, he could have done a better job of informing the interested buyers of the new technologies to put into homes so I gave him a 4 out of 5. The article “Make Your Home Better” in Men’s Health magazine does an more of an outstanding job the Pullen’s …show more content…

He had simple captions and paragraphs throughout the article so the readers understood everything they were reading. In the article “The Smart Home Gets Smarter” in PC Magazine, I think they do a better job at being clear because they have twice the amount of pages in their article doing the same thing of showing technologies to add in the home (Colon). In Colon's article instead of stating what technologies to add to different homes, he explains what kind of technologies to add to different rooms of an average home like, putting the Amazon Echo in your bedroom or a Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker With Wemo in your kitchen

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