Company Analysis : Company G 's Doppio Caffe Brewing System

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Company G is one of the top three small appliance and electronics companies in North America. Company G has decided to venture into the beverage category with state of the art coffee brewers to reach its profit potential and achieve customer demand. The new Doppio (pronounced dope-yo) Caffe Brewing System will shake up the Company because of its unique design and the high quality of the materials built right here in the USA. We believe the Doppio Caffe will be superior to any brewing system in the marketplace.


"We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing innovative home and electronics solutions"


Company G 's main focus is to help shoppers by giving an item that enhances their personal satisfaction, as well as an item that is anything but difficult to acquire, utilize and be consolidated into their day by day schedules without bother.

Company G 's Doppio Caffe Brewing System is the next generation of coffee makers. One side has a single serve brewer for just one cup, the other side has a six cup carafe. It come in eight different colors to match your decor and you can use any kind of coffee you would like. There is also a strength control setting for those in your family that like a bolder coffee. You can also make cocoa and teas with the Doppio Caffe. Consumers in our market are middle class earners that are crunched for time. The Doppio Caffe
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