Reason Versus Revelation : The Continued Fight For Educational Rights

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Reason versus Revelation: The Continued Fight for Educational Rights
A woman’s job is to cook, clean, and bear children. Although it may not remain true now, many thought this for most of history. A woman had her duty to her husband and that served as almost all of her worth. During the Enlightenment, some women began to question this norm and to voice their unhappiness. The Enlightenment period was an intellectual movement that sought to reform society and advance knowledge. Even with all of the Enlightenment’s great advancements, women still did not possess many rights. Women continued to be “oppressed and kept to the private sphere,” separated from men. These societal pressures faced by women are, arguably, the main topic of Mary …show more content…

She begins her book with words which clearly illustrate her concerns: "After considering the historic page, and viewing the living world with anxious solicitude… I have sighed when obliged to confess that either Nature has made a great difference between man and man, or that the civilization which has hitherto taken place in the world has been very partial. I have turned over various books written on the subject of education, and patiently observed the conduct of parents and the management of schools; but what has been the result?--a profound conviction that the neglected education of my fellow-creatures is the grand source of the misery I deplore, and that women, in particular, are rendered weak and wretched by a variety of concurring causes, originating from one hasty conclusion.” (Wollstonecraft 373). Wollstonecraft raises the notion that society’s limit on women’s right to education is wrong, not only because Nature has not created a difference between man and man, but also because society’s limitations have made women objects of frivolous beauty and nothing more. Wollstonecraft’s discourse on women’s rights to education effectively uses the socio-economic norms to make her point as well as effectively challenge those norms so they can better the women of society: “My own

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