Reasons Behind William Shakespeare's Authorship?

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William Shakespeare’s Authorship
The Shakespeare question has baffled scholarship. Some people have denied that there is any question to respond to while others have confirmed that there is a problem and have come up with solutions that have not been well analyzed. Some doubts about William Shakespeare’s role as a writer of plays and poems have erupted having been established by researches who have scrutinized the question without coming up with a single solution.
William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford upon Avon and died in 1616 later on. It is now over 150 years since many people started questioning whether William Shakespeare who was absolutely an actor and “theater – share” (power owner) actually wrote all the play and poems accredited to him in London (Bradbeer & Casson 2015).
Reasons behind William Shakespeare’s authorship question.
The Shakespeare’s authorship question emerged in 1850s. Since there is a disjunction between William’s upbringing, education and his whiz, …show more content…

It is believed that the portion known as “Hand D” in the Shakespeare, although the evidence for this hand being is unconvincing (Feldman, 2011, p. 1). After Beaumont’s and Fletcher’s death in the year 1634, the play “The two Noble Kinsmen” was printed for the first time and on the title page the book seller had declared that the book was written by the two gentlemen that is Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. William Shakespeare. During William’s youth, he happened to have fallen in with “ill company” where he started poaching on Sir Thomas Lucy’s land where by in the long run he ended up being caught thus leading him into severe punishment. The harsh punishment imposed on Mr. William made him evade the town and therefore he revenged this by writing a poem (Ballad) in which he mocked. The authenticity of this poem clearly shows that it William Shakespeare’s

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