Reasons Behind the Fall of Rome, Mohenjo Daro and the Fictional Society in Unwind

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Everything has it’s falling point, you do, Rome did, Mohenjo Daro did, as did the fictional society of Unwind, everything falls at some point. The falling of societies is common, every society ever has fallen and has yet to fall. Societies fall due to corrupt government, overuse of resources and citizen revolts. Rome, Mohenjo Daro and Unwind fell due to those reasons. Societies can fall for a number of reasons, such as corrupt leaders or a corrupt government in general. Of all things corrupt government in general is pretty common, just think of Rome, or the fake society of Unwind. In the book Unwind the government was corrupt for a number of reasons, such as the “unwinding” of children (unwinding is pretty much taking a teenager’s guts out, if their parents deem them unworthy to live life, their body parts go to people who need it). “However between the ages of thirteen and eighteen a parent may retroactively “abort” a child… on the condition that the child’s life doesn’t “technically” end.” A war known as the Heartland War was fought and forced them to do this “unwinding”. Because of this “unwinding” it led to revolts and in the end the society fell. The government of ancient Rome was completely corrupt once the dictatorship came to power. Because of Julius Caesar this happened, he was a good leader but he led a long line of terrible dictators. “The frightened Senate named Caesar dictator for life.” Eventually Caesar was killed but there were plenty dictators that

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