Reasons For American Colonization

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History shows that there are many motivations behind the colonization and advancement of the New World. However, two distinct reasons summarize the majority of interests: ideological and material. While both were important to America’s development, there is more evidence to support that the most crucial factor was the ideological interests. The argument for ideological interests will be broken down in three sections: religious, political, and other beliefs. To begin with, religious beliefs played a significant role in the early development of the New World. For many early settlers, religion was the main cause of their immigration. For example, **In Sarah Vowell’s nonfiction book that focuses on the Puritan’s legacy, it describes that one…show more content…
**It is established in Samuel Adams’s The Rights of Colonists that people have natural rights. The new Congress believes these rights cannot be abdicated based on the whim of the government. These natural rights include life, liberty, and property. **Another right colonists have is the rights as subjects. One example of how Congress is evolving from British monarchy political ideology is the statement that the Legislative does not have the right to assume all power over subjects. **They reiterate their political desire to abolish the use of an all-powerful central government within the Declaration of Independence when it is written that “the government should only be able to derive their powers from the consent of the governed and should change when it no longer suits the needs of the people”. **It is also written at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence that one of their reason for separating from the British is due to the fact that when the government imposes suffering upon its subjects, it is the right of man to “throw off such government and provide new guards”. These political ideals of the Founding Fathers of the new American government are key factors that cause the course of history to shift and begin the creation of a new…show more content…
**One of these beliefs began when the British concluded that the colonists should pay for the protection the British were providing them is the Appalachian Mountains. However, the colonists never consented nor wanted such protection. This fact was disregarded by the British government, so they imposed the Stamp Act of 1765. This Act established one of the first times the colonists bonded over a similar issue, causing them to begin communication with one another. **One climacteric ideology that emerged from frustration with the British government took place during the French and Indian War. George Washington beseeched the House of Burgesses and the Crown to provide adequate supplies and support for the troops. However, it became apparent that the colonists were only tools to the British during the war. This caused Washington to feel frustration towards them, which is significant due to the fact that he would later become the General leading the army against the monarchy he once strived to fight for. **After the Revolutionary War, populations expanded and the need to settle elsewhere became imperative. However, this led to the War of 1812 when people sought to claim lands in Mexico based on the ideal that it was their right to expand west. **Due to the War of 1812, another ideology began to make an active appearance. It became known as Manifest Destiny. It was a
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