Reasons For The Compromise Of 1877

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Following the Compromise of 1877, many supporters of black rights, such as freed slaves or radical Republicans, believed that conditions for freed blacks were worse than they had been when they were enslaved. Though there were definitely upsides to freedom from slavery, many conditions blacks lived under either didn 't change or got worse after the Compromise. For example, the removal of the military from the South allowed the southern government to pass laws limiting blacks ' rights, meaning the social, political and economic conditions after the compromise were similar to the ones they had lived with under slavery; the legalization of segregation made it more difficult for blacks to influence white perception of their race; and violence against blacks increased, and white protection of them decreased, as many saw them as less valuable once they had been released from slavery. The compromise ended the reconstruction, which meant that the military presence in the south, which had been virtually the only thing keeping a semblance of order, was removed. This resulted in widespread and often unpunished violence against blacks. It also left the southern government free to operate by itself, and measures were quickly taken to limit the rights of blacks. Education budgets were cut, sharecropping regulations were changed in order to favor plantation owners, and the right to vote was taken away from blacks. Blacks were free from slavery, but they had nearly the exact same

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