Southern Horrors And Other Writings

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Alyssa Rubio U.S. History 1162: Southern Horrors Essay Prof. Kara Carroll October 4, 2015 Southern Horrors and Other Writings The aftermath of the civil war left the U.S in a terrible position; thus calling for the dawning of the Reconstruction era. The idea of Reconstruction was brought up by Pres. Abe Lincoln, but it was brought out by Andrew Johnson after President Lincoln was assassinated. The hopes for former slaves was lifted when the 13th-15th amendments were established and many rights for black men were created. While Southern state governments abolished slavery, they did nothing to alter the status of freedmen and women; to show, the rights once held by former slaves were taken away from them. Black men could not vote, they could not own property, and they were forced into sharecropping, which made debt highly likely. Slavery was still punishment for crimes, but the biggest punishment for crimes committed by blacks was lynching. Ida B. Wells begins her writing of Southern Horrors announcing the lynching of eight negroes throughout the South in a month. These eight men were accused of killing, raping, and assaulting white citizens. All of the men captured were shot, hanged, or burned alive without being convicted of the alleged crimes in a court. If a white male was accused of committing burglary, murder, or rape, he would be convicted in court of law (if proven guilty) and sentenced for how severe the crime was. The white male may be let out of prison early,

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