Reasons For The Tragedy Of Oedipus

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There are two traits that I believe are responsible for Oedipus’ tragedy. First, I believe his pride is one of the reasons for his fall. He is a man who has great powers, but believes that he is better than the God’s. Oedipus solves a mystery to become the king and marries the queen Jocasta. Although some things are better off left unsaid, Oedipus doesn’t believe that. He is always letting his pride get the best of him. For example, Oedipus ordered the messenger to tell him who his real parents were after figuring out that Polybus and Merope weren’t his real parents. “Your ankles… they tell the story. Look at them” (Fagles 220). There was a reason that nobody wanted him to know. I also believe that his temper was a trait that contributed to his fall. When the blind man comes to talk with Oedipus he can’t handle the truth and gets very angry. Everyone believes that he is a great king, but the blind man knows about the murder he committed. When Oedipus finally realizes that he let his pride and temper get the best of him, it is already too late. He registers the importance of life after he is already blind.
Yes, Oedipus is fate merited. When Oedipus was born it was said that he would kill his father and marry his mother. His birth parents, Laius and Jocasta abandoned him and wanted his feet pinned together so he could not walk, but he ended up being rescued by the shepherds. Laius and Jocasta already knew that Oedipus was fated to kill his father and marry his mother which

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